퍼온 글

2005.7.15 에베레스트뉴스 기사


7/14/2005: Dear, Gnaro just phone me and inform that 2 Korean climbers LEE HYUN JO 34 years and KIM CHANG HO 39 years they made the traverse of Nanga. In fact they repeat the Messner way on the Rupal Face and come down to Gnaro’s BC. He makes the picture of Mr. Lee because the other climber stop at Camp IV resting.

Also the 6 Japanese, the french girl and her boyfriend together with another french guy reach the summit today of the normal route that Gnaro will try next week. Ciao Idel

Update 7/13/2005: Dear, Monday 11th July Gnaro together with 3 others members of Filo de lo Imposible team left BC for CII. The way to CII was very hard causing of the snow precipitations of the last days. Once they arrived they have a surprise to find only one tent as the other probably fly away for the high wind. So they contact the other expedition at the BC asking the permit to use one of their.

In the afternoon the weather change in worst, start snowing.

Tuesday morning Gnaro alone even if the condition wasn’t good went to the lower CIII at 6.400 meters where he left his material necessary for the summit push. In the afternoon he reached CII again where he slept with his friends. Wednesday morning they all come down to BC under lots of precipitations.

Up in the mountain at the moment there are one French girl with her boyfriend, some Japan climbers and one French boy waiting do to their summit bit.

At the BC the climbers are tired to wait the window of good weather as is more then one week that the sky is cover most of the time.

Hopefully from Sunday something will happen….. they all hope this!

Ciao to everyone. Idel

Earlier Update: Dear, Saturday afternoon Gnaro with the 3 girls of “Al Filo de lo Imposible” team and Josu left BC for CI. Here they all spend the night and the next morning they reach CII at 6.200 meters. The way from CI to CII was very challenging but the good weather conditions and the high temperature help all of them to make the space to fixed their tent on the sharp ridge over the Kinshofer wall. The day after they come down directly to BC where they will have some day rest before starting next going up to the mountain. In the meanwhile 2 climbers and one mountain guide reach the summit.

He said that the way up in the mountain is very technical and You must be very carefull… Idel